Broadcasting Hours: 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. and 12 midnight to 2a.m. Radio Caroline began to broadcast from the ship on 19 August 1983, with unwanted mechanical sounds on speech. Information for commercial radio stations that are licenced by OFCOM and are looking to be measured on the RAJAR survey. Although most broadcasting staff left at that time, some remained for a year as caretakers while funding and equipment were sought. The national digital station, which is owned by News UK's . On 3 August 2021, Ofcom announced that it had granted a power increase to combat man made noise and interference, and to extend the coverage area to include Suffolk, northern parts of Essex, and parts of Kent and East Sussex. News service at peak hours. First you need good audience figures and to do that a greater prominence needs to be sought, hence the push for a Sky EPG listing. A bulletin report which provides information of the survey period, any new stations that have joined or any changes to the stations or groups. In Happy Birthday Tony Blackburn: 80 Poptastic Years on Radio 2, Dermot O'Leary will talk to Tony about his life and career and surprises him with . Links would have been to the 603 and the 1242 kHz transmitters as before, but programmes would have taken on a slightly different slant. If you're like most people, you probably don't give much though to how many words you take in each day. In October 1965, negotiations began for Radio Caroline to take over Radio City, which broadcast from Shivering Sands Army Fort, a Second World War marine fort off the Kent[6] coast. A brief insight into the structure of RAJAR, the decision making process and RAJARs contractors. We . Radio Caroline North = 10kW (later 20kW). In 2017, Ofcom awarded Radio Caroline its first AM licence, allowing it to broadcast to audiences in parts of Suffolk and north Essex. When the US-backed Radio London arrived off the coast of England, there was an unsuccessful attempt to merge its sales operation with that of Caroline before Radio London started transmissions. Radio Caroline broadcast 24 hours various song, hip hop music, clasic, etc. The operation then continued, despite disagreements between O'Rahilly and some of its DJs over what the station should be playing. We arranged to meet the Caroline tender to go out to the ship but no one turned up. Radio Caroline lobbied against the Labour Party, for the Conservative Party and for the introduction of licensed commercial radio in the United Kingdom. In 1976, The Loving Awareness Band released their only album, Loving Awareness on More Love Records (ML001), a label set up by O'Rahilly. Radio Seagull became Radio Caroline on 23 February 1974, retaining the album format. In the evenings on 963, some alternative music programmes were tried, including the reggae "Jamming 963", and in 1986 and early 1987, a progressive and indie rock programme called Caroline Overdrive hosted by Tom Anderson, Fergie McNeal, Andy Johnson, Stevie Lane, Mark Matthews, Kevin Turner, Peter Phillips, Mick Williams (a.k.a. These data are produced and sold at cost providing both industry accountability and a robust trading currency for each medium. One would circle over the North Sea in international air space near the United Kingdom, while the other remained on standby. (Anderson): It's not a very good occasion really, we have to hurry this because the lifeboat is standing by. Radio Caroline broadcasts music from the 1960s to contemporary, with an emphasis on album-oriented rock (AOR) and "new" music from "carefully selected albums". The Fredericia was renamed MV Caroline and anchored off Felixstowe, Suffolk, where it began test transmissions on Friday, 27 March 1964. I'd never heard anything like it before. On 3 March 1977, Caroline closed, announcing that it would return six days later on 319 metres. We are a small team and you can find out here who the best person to contact is regarding any query. Community radio listening figures - do 10 million people tune in every week? The band broke up in 1977; Watt-Roy and Charles played on Ian Dury's New Boots and Panties!! Following negotiations with the service provider, satellite transmissions ended at midnight on 30 September 2013. [30] Radio Caroline returned to the air on 15 April 1979. Next to that we can listen in to Radio Caroline on internet and satellite. For several months only one transmitter could be used, leading to the loss of the income-generating Radio Monique, although a substitute Dutch daytime service, Radio 558 (later Radio 819), was eventually established. Another RSL broadcast ran from 7 August until 3 September 2004, with the ship moored at the cruise liner terminal jetty at Tilbury in Essex. Ownership was hidden due to illegality of operation. Radio Caroline continued on satellite but required manual tuning. Non-Dutch staff were given the option of staying on the ship or returning to the Netherlands, and most chose to stay on board. I thought something might happen and sure enough at 1.00 p.m. British time on came RNI Second, by about 3.45 p.m. the signal was really very poor so I tuned into Manx radio and there was Daffy Don Allen with his country and Western Jamboree. He promised to write some lines about it for this series and here they are: "In the early 1990's, soon after the Ross Revenge was dragged of the Goodwin Sands and taken into Dover, a plan was conceived by the team of the then Invicta Radio Group, comprising the fairly nautical crew of Roger Day, Andy Archer, Johnny Lewis, Nigel Harris, Bob Matthews and Bob Le-Roi. Radio Caroline Listeners' Top 100 Album Chart 1977 In late 76 listeners were invited to send in their top 10 all-time favourite albums, from which the chart was compiled. Currently they also broadcast on DAB radio in certain areas of the UK: these services are part of the Ofcom small-scale DAB+ trials. How radio is measured in other European countries and throughout the rest of the World. Programmes were recorded on land and broadcast between 6a.m. and 7p.m. Radio Caroline Ltd. and Caroline Support Group (originally called the Ross Revenge Support Group). [54] Surveys in 2008 and 2010 showed a small percentage listened via Sky, and that satellite listening had dropped by 9% since 2008, while online listening had increased by around 40%. BBC Radio 5 Live posted a reach of 5.89m listeners. Much improvement to the lay-out of the ship was planned but basically the studios would have remained. Having to manoeuvre the lifeboat alongside the stricken vessel 13 times in high seas and a north-easterly gale earned Coxswain Charles Bowry an RNLI Silver Medal. London, United Kingdom. This market overview is based on the first three waves of the Tracking Panel, comparing listening through April, May and June with pre-lockdown. Documents to detail all the latest market information. These stories continued and included co-operation by a former member of the Beatles[who?] Radio Caroline broadcast appeals for help, giving the ship's position as .mw-parser-output .geo-default,.mw-parser-output .geo-dms,.mw-parser-output .geo-dec{display:inline}.mw-parser-output .geo-nondefault,.mw-parser-output .geo-multi-punct{display:none}.mw-parser-output .longitude,.mw-parser-output .latitude{white-space:nowrap}5141N 135E / 51.683N 1.583E / 51.683; 1.583. [66], In October 2020, a new station using the Caroline name and logo launched in Burnham-on-Crouch, broadcasting to the Maldon District of Essex on 94.7FM. 2hrs of the best current and classic rock, you just have to check Dave`s programme out, live and always full of those special suprises. The 'amateurs' were said to be reaching 39million listeners with 15million in the South of England and the rest in the North. [49] The LV 18 was later used by the BBC for Pirate BBC Essex broadcasts.[50]. Tenders and boat owners were warned, and some were prosecuted for ferrying staff and provisions to the ship. On 3 September 1985 at 00:00 hours the Dioptric Surveyor departed in a storm. During a violent struggle, Calvert was shot dead. Furthermore, it was stated that the pirates' use of wavelengths also broke international agreements. In March 1968, the very existence of Radio Caroline was threatened when both the MV Caroline and Mi Amigo were boarded and seized before being towed to Amsterdam by a salvage company to secure unpaid bills owed to a Dutch firm. Radio stations ranked by weekly reach in the United Kingdom (UK) as of 1st quarter 2020 (in 1,000 listeners) Listeners reached in thousands* BBC Radio 2 BBC Radio 4 BBC Radio 1 Classic FM. The station played a wide selection of music from when Caroline started in the 1960s, but also included music from the 1970s and 1980s and early 1990s to widen the audience profile. I don't think Grandma saw her radio again till I managed to get a small tranny of my own to replace it. In Timaru, an NZBC station, originally 3XC, later 3ZC, broadcast as Radio Caroline until 1995. At the same time, Allan Crawford's Project Atlanta was equipping the MV Mi Amigo at Greenore, where the two competed to be the first on air. MV Caroline sailed from Felixstowe to the Isle of Man, broadcasting as she went. The poster itself,. Daytime programming was leased to a community radio service called Puketapu Radio on 756kHz.[75]. To allow Radio Mi Amigo to continue broadcasting by day, the engineering work for Caroline's move had to be carried out over six nights, after the 50kW transmitter was switched off. The station restarted in August 1983 from a new radio ship, the MV Ross Revenge, an ex-North Sea factory fishing trawler used during the Anglo-Icelandic Cod War by Ross Fisheries. Technology. However, Dutch Caroline failed to secure a high power AM frequency and the cable network service was discontinued because of lack of funds. The late 1970's model of Radio Caroline is still my favourite, despite the fact they were on and off the air more than a partisan station in WW2. The only problem I had with it was the weight of it hanging on my arm my right arm is probably longer than my left one now and being able to find sufficient pocket money to buy the batteries! 18:03 GMT 28 Sep 2021. The Mi Amigo "Top 50" tapes were flown over by helicopter to get them on board more quickly. With Face-to-Face recruitment being suspended at the end of March, RAJAR introduced a Tracking Panel to evaluate radio listening during our time in Lockdown. Chris Faulkner, for instance, replied by going back to his youth: "My memory of the "Old Girl" comes from the time she moved to the Isle of Mann in 1964. (Gordon): Well, we're sorry to tell you that due to the severe weather conditions and the fact that we are shipping quite a lot of water, we are closing down, and the crew are at this stage leaving the ship. Zoe Ball, Greg James, Roman Kemp, Chris Evans and the Today programme are among the shows to have fewer listeners than the last time ratings were measured. The benefits, entitlements as a RAJAR subscriber and the data explained. The whole of the school Easter holiday, my friend Mozz and I took the tranny with us everywhere. The lineup will feature some of the most incendiary figures on the far right, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, whose supporters stormed .
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